Monday's at Motion Fitness Group are what you make of it...time to re-engage both mind and body get in the game. Today, we focus on upper body movements targeting your chest, back, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. We can't forget about your abs, so we added this important body part to the mix. Cardio movements available always for those in search of that endorphin rush on a Monday.



Can you last in Motion's lower body focused class? You know you will, time to get it in. A day to not be missed, in ENDURE we focus on lower body strength, toning, and conditioning. Muscles in both legs and booty are incorporated in to the workout each week: quadriceps, hamstrings, gastrocnemius, adductors, and the gluteus maximus and minimus. For our lifters, its fun to note that you will participate in a variety of both open and closed kinetic chain exercises. It is good to have the open kinetic chain exercises as they help rehabilitate and strengthen major muscles while on the other hand, closed kinetic chain exercises stimulate and recruit more muscle groups not reached with other exercises and also build skeletal stabilization. Our workouts not only keep you in great shape but also target fast twitch muscle fibers, which help with delivering power to quick bursts of movement. ENDURE stands as one of our biggest calorie burners of the week!



In this class you can expect high octane strength and conditioning with an emphasis on conditioning. Today, we teach our muscles how to work together, pushing ourselves to the limit. You may find yourself doing explosive 20 second sprints on the treadmill, performing burpee box jumps, or busting your butt on the air bike for a 30 calorie burn. You'll leave feeling gassed and invigorated at the same time!



You asked for it... a second booty day! We decided to mix your workout with essential movements to help with posture and strengthen your whole back side. During this workout we'll focus on your posterior chain, your back, butt and hamstrings. To add a perfect balance we decided to throw in some ab and core exercises, making this a workout you won't want to miss!



This is a fun total body workout including all muscle groups organized into segments of upper body, lower body, core, and cardio. Strength based programing tops off and compliments the other workouts both completed during the week and expected heading into the weekend. In LIFT, we do just as the name entails...allowing us to focus on form, muscle density, and fat burning.



Saturdays at Motion are a lively healthy party! The workouts are as intense as you would like them to be....there's something for everyone. Expect a total body workout including all muscle groups. Strength focused movements, calorie scorching and brain balancing cardio, and a great group of people socializing. You'll see local vendors and small business promoting their products in our energy filled lobby. Come...it's a blast!



THIS CLASS IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS! This Hyrox-style class is for the athlete that enjoys a good challenge. Expect a high calorie burn with technical athletic movements (don't worry...we'll help you!) all designed to strengthen your immune system, cardio vascular, skeletal, and your neuromuscular connection. Prior to class, we suggest that you have mastered a basic (in all areas) squat, deadlift, plank, push up, lunge, bent over row, glute bridge, and wood chop or band rotation. The highest calorie burn you'll experience at Motion!