Scott Perry is the CEO and Co-Founder of MOTION Fitness Group in Irvine. Scott began his career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness almost 15 years ago. He managed two facilities in Orange County that saw much success before he discovered his passion for Group Training.

Scott realized that his clients often struggled with much more than the need for just a physical change when attempting to reach their fitness goals. At times, it was necessary for clients to tackle emotional and mental blocks before their goals could be accomplished. This realization allowed Scott to offer individualized attention to his clients’ needs and he began to build a community of support and accountability.

At the age of 23, Scott started his own group training business that led to the development of two significant fitness studios in Orange County. Scott’s devotion to his clients and community only deepened when he became a father to his daughter Sophia and the importance of setting an example of service and love towards others took on new meaning.

In this new endeavor, Scott is excited to continue his own personal growth as well as continue to support, inspire, and encourage new and seasoned members of the fitness community. Come join Scott and his team and get your body in MOTION.