Marybeth is COO and Co-Founder of MOTION Fitness Group. Following a move from the east coast and after the birth of her son, she decided to pursue a fitness career and began as a trainer at Equinox. There, she utilized her experience as a runner to lead the popular “Tread & Shred” and “Precision Run” classes.

After working for Equinox, Marybeth obtained numerous certifications, gained additional experience teaching at two popular group fitness studios and very quickly evolved into a well-known and highly sought-after group training instructor. Hundreds of hours and thousands of clients later, her classes are often filled with 40 clients or more.

Her driving passion is for each client to accomplish his or her personal goals. Among her accomplishments, Marybeth holds a degree in Communication and Business Management, which she obtained from Fairfield University. She also holds a Masters Degree in Education, which enables her to implement personalized instruction flawlessly for each individual client. Marybeth qualified for the Boston Marathon on her initial attempt while competing in the OC Marathon in 2013. She went on to run Boston Marathon in 2014. She looks forward to meeting each one of you personally