You never know what you are going to get at Motion.

Each week, a different trainer writes a week's worth of workouts catered to their style of training.

For example, one class you may be doing circuit style workout and the
next class you could be doing a timed interval workout. It is never the same,
making it so unique. Get ready to get in Motion!!



Music is a huge part of Motion and what makes the experience so great.
Clients have said it is “like a party” when they train with us.

Our trainers plan the music to the workout. It is as if you are doing a workout with a top DJ in Vegas!


The community here at Motion is second to none.

You will have constant support not only the staff,

but also from the people who workout next to you!

This is a judgement-free zone, so no worries of what level of fitness you are at, come in and be apart of this special community here at Motion!